Frequently Asked Questions about Parties

Planning a party? Don’t know where to start?
Our Frequently Asked Party Questions can help!
CONTACT US if you have any questions not addressed here.

How do I book a party?

Use the BOOK form to let us know which package you are interested in. Also, you may CALL US at 517-372-4200 or stop by our arena. A $100 deposit is required to book a party. The deposit goes toward the cost of the party.

What is the difference between Private and Non-Private parties?

Non-Private parties are held during walk-in hours. Attendees share the inflatables with walk-in guests. Private parties are held when Jumpin’ Jax is closed to walk-in guests. Both Private and Non-Private parties have access to a party room for 2 hours.

If I book a Classic Party (15 kids & 15 adults) can I upgrade to a larger party later?

Yes, your deposit will be applied to the party count that you end up with.

If I go over my party count, is there an additional cost? (Example: Classic party with 15 kids, and 18 kids attend)

Yes, we will charge $10.00 per additional child.

Will infants and toddlers be counted in my party numbers?

No, if the child is under 12 months they will not be counted in the final number.

Can we bring in our own food?

Yes, you can bring pizza/ cake / snack / beverage. Crockpot / Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

How early can I arrive to set up my room?

You are able to arrive 15 minutes prior to your party to set up.

What needs to be included on my guest list?

Please include the first name of all children expected to attend. If a child has been invited, please include them on the list. For children under 24 months, please make a note of this, and they will not be included in your party count.

Can I bring in decorations for the party room?

Yes, you can bring in additional decorations. Please do not take down the existing decorations, as there will be a room charge of $25.00.

Can we get more bounce time for our party?

Private parties only allow 1 hour and 15 minutes of bounce time. Because of the way we schedule and rotate these parties, more bounce time is not possible unless you purchase another party. Non-private parties allow for the children to bounce the entire 2 hours. WE DO HAVE 3HR PACKAGES AS WELL 

When I schedule a party, how much time do I get in the party room?

For all of the party packages you will have the private party room for 2 hours.

If I cancel my birthday party can I get my deposit back?

Once you book the party time we do not cancel  it, our party are 100% private .No, we do not refund the deposit. We will credit your deposit toward another party if you called two weeks prior to party date .


Can we bring balloons?

Yes. We ask that balloons stay in the party room and not be brought into the inflatables for the safety of all our guests.

What else should I remember to bring to my party?

Remember to bring candles and a lighter. Also, if you are expecting adults to eat, bring additional paper products.