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Rent our 15 X 15 Bounce Castle. All you need is an SUV or Mini Van, just load it up and go!

You will be given a scheduled time for pick-up and drop-off.
Friday pick-ups will be scheduled between 6pm and 8pm.
Sunday drop-offs will be scheduled between 3pm and 5pm.
In the event that the bounce unit is not returned at the appointed drop-off time there will be a $25 charge for every 30 minutes past the scheduled drop-off time.

Weekend Rental (Friday Thru Sunday) $ 275
Dolly $20 (optional)
Safety mat $7 (optional)


To reserve an inflatable call us at (517) 372-4200 for availability and scheduling. A $100 deposit is required to reserve the date and time of your rental. This deposit will be applied toward your rental fee. The deposit is not refundable if you cancel your rental, however, you will be credited $100 toward an inflatable rental or a party package within a year. Only in cases of a cancellation due to poor weather will your deposit be returned in full (see our faq page for more information: If it is rainy or windy, do I get my money back?)

Security deposit

A security deposit of $75 will be secured by credit card at the time of the scheduled pick up. This is to ensure that all equipment is returned and is in proper working condition. We will not process the charge if the equipment has been returned in the manner you received it. Your security deposit will be held 24 to 48 hours after the equipment has been dropped off and inspected. The security deposit will cover the following:

  • Damages: tears, puncture holes, or abrasions to the inflatable, mat or tarp; electrical damage to blowers.
  • Cleaning fees: Urine, vomit, food/drinks, gum, excessive dirt, and silly string.
  • Late charges: If the equipment is not returned by the renter at the scheduled time.
  • Travel fees: If equipment is not returned and must be picked up by Jumpin’ Jax from the renter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I set up the inflatable?

The best place to set up the inflatable is on a level grass surface. Make sure that the area is free from debris such as sticks, stones, or any sharp objects. Setting up the inflatable on cement or asphalt poses a safety risk for children entering and exiting the inflatable. We suggest that you rent a mat from Jumpin’ Jax if you intend to set up on cement or asphalt.

How much space do I need to set up the inflatable?

You will need at least a 20’ x 20’ area. Please insure that the inflatable will not be in contact with any tree limbs or power lines. Also, the inflatable cannot be set up near water such as a pool, lake, or pond.

Do you deliver the inflatable?

No, you as the customer will pick up, set up, take down, and return the unit. Our inflatables come with instructions on how to set them up and take them down. You will need one or two adults who together can lift 300lbs to help set up and take down the inflatable.

What kind of vehicle is required to transport the inflatable?

A pick up truck or a van without seats can hold the inflatable and the accessories.

What kind of electrical power do I need for the inflatable?

Each unit requires a standard 20 amp/110v outlet. It is best if this outlet is not shared with any other item needing electricity. The power source should be within 50ft of the inflatable.

What if it rains or becomes windy while I have the unit up?

If it begins to rain, immediately discontinue use of the inflatable. The inflatable becomes slippery when wet and the chance of injury substantially increases. Deflate the inflatable and roll it up or cover it with a tarp. If there are winds 15 mph or greater, discontinue use of the inflatable; deflate and roll up unit. Strong winds can pick up and move the unit causing severe injury to those inside.

If it is rainy or windy, do I get my money back?

If rain or high winds are predicted or occur on the day of your rental, you can cancel your rental and choose not to pick up your inflatable at the scheduled time. In this case, you will receive your deposit back and will not be charged for the rental. However, if you pick up the unit and you experience rain/wind during the rental period you will not receive a refund of the rental cost.

Are inflatables safe?

Yes, however there are safety rules that must be observed. To insure that the safety rules are being followed an adult should be present at all times to monitor and enforce the safety rules. These safety rules will be explained to the renter at the time of pick up.

Can anyone jump on the inflatable?

No. We ask that only children between the ages of 3-12 years of age be allowed to play on the unit. In addition, it is best to limit the number of children on the unit:
Children 3 to 8 years: no more than 7 children at a time
Children 9 to 12 years: no more than 5 children at a time

What is the difference between the security deposit and the scheduling deposit?

The scheduling deposit is $100 and is used to reserve the date and time of your rental. This $100 will go towards the total cost of renting the inflatable. The security deposit is $75 and covers the cost of any damages that may occur while renting the inflatable (for a detailed list of damages covered see our rental page). The security deposit must be given by credit card at the time of pick up. The deposit will be held 24 to 48 hours after the equipment has been dropped off and inspected. We will not charge the card if the equipment is returned in the same condition that it was rented.